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We Fight for Injured Drivers of Commercial Vehicle and Trucking Accidents

Commercial vehicles and trucks on the roadways are inherently dangerous. The size and weight of these vehicles result in crashes that can instantly cause fatalities or permanent injuries requiring a lifetime of assisted care. It is vital to hire an attorney immediately if you or a loved one has been injured due to a devastating or tragic accident. Evidence unique to these accidents needs to be collected and preserved promptly. Failure to acquire and preserve this information can give the insurance companies the upper hand. It can severely affect the ability to receive compensation for damages.
Accidents involving semi-trucks, commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers are like car accidents but require a very intense and immediate level of investigation once these crashes occur. The size and weight of these vehicles often result in crashes that instantly cause fatalities or permanent injuries requiring a lifetime of assisted care.

Lyons Legal, LLC Stays Current on Industry Regulations

Attorney Jarian Lyons is an experienced commercial vehicle and trucking accident lawyer who knows how to navigate the complex legal process to achieve compensation for your injuries and losses. He gathers pertinent information and crafts strategies that get results. Lyons Legal, LLC offers client-centered, personalized attention for every case.

There are Various Types of Commercial Vehicles and Trucks on the Roadways, including but not limited to:

Dump trucks

Commercial semi-truck

Concrete trucks

Emergency vehicle trucks

Big Rig, 18-wheeler, tractor trailers

School buses, tour buses, party buses

Cargo trucks

Delivery trucks

Tow trucks

Garbage trucks

Fuel trucks

Florida law defines a commercial motor vehicle as any vehicle not owned or operated by a government entity, with a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more or having three or more axles regardless of weight. Drivers of these vehicles must follow specific regulations, such as logging their time on duty to ensure they comply with state and federal standards. There are inspection requirements, as the drivers must regularly inspect the brakes, windshield wipers, lights, dashboard gauges, horn, turn signals, tires and wheels, steering, and emergency equipment. Drivers are unable to operate a vehicle lawfully if there is any malfunction. In addition, there are specific regulations for the transportation of hazardous materials.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can happen for many reasons, including but not limited to improper vehicle maintenance, tired or distracted drivers, poorly trained drivers, and drivers operating these vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There may be an obstructed view if the mirrors are not appropriately adjusted. A commercial vehicle or truck may have defective parts from the manufacturer, or the roadways may be poorly marked or maintained.

Key Evidence in Accident Investigations

Personal injury cases are won on evidence, so it is essential to launch an investigation as soon as possible after an accident. Lyons Legal, LLC, is available to investigate your trucking accident case anywhere in the State of Florida. We search for non-compliance with safety regulations by reviewing the vehicle’s maintenance history, inspection records, and data from the onboard communication system and GPS tracking system. We investigate the driver’s qualifications, driving history, and training file. In addition, we look for evidence related to the truck’s load and cargo weight. Truck drivers keep a log, as they must abide by the Hours-of-Service regulations regarding the number of hours they can lawfully drive. Many accidents are caused by truck drivers’ fatigue, as they are often non-compliant with this regulation.

Lyons Legal, LLC, is Dedicated to Seeking Justice for the Inured

Understanding Florida trucking laws and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is critical when pursuing an accident claim. Lyons Legal, LLC has in-depth knowledge of state and federal regulations and is prepared to present your case in insurance negotiations or a trial. Call Lyons Legal, LLC at (407) 720-7990 for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. Our law firm is located in Orlando, Florida. We have successfully handled countless commercial vehicle and trucking accidents and are ready to help you.

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