Motorcycle accidents are common occurrences in Florida. Data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shows that there were over 10,000 motorcycle accidents in Florida in 2016 alone. 

Learn what to do if you, as a motorcyclist, are in an accident that involves an automobile. 

Stay on the scene and report the accident 

It is important to stay on the scene of the accident. A person may receive a hit-and-run charge if he or she leaves the scene. Additionally, a person may lose her or his license if he or she does not stay on the scene. 

In the state of Florida, you also must report any accident that causes injury or damage over $500. When you report an accident, an officer will arrive on the scene to investigate the damage. After investigating the scene, the officer will file a report. 

Document any injuries or damage to your motorcycle 

When officers investigate the scene, they will likely take photographs and make notes. It is often helpful to request copies of photographs or documents to strengthen your case. 

When you are in a motorcycle accident, you should also document any injuries you sustained. Documentation can include photographs or copies of your medical record. This information can be helpful to your insurance company and an attorney. 

Contact an experienced attorney 

It is important to contact a motorcycle accident attorney after your accident. Though many firms specialize in automobile accidents, it is best to work with a law firm that has experience representing motorcyclists. That way you have the best chance of a favorable outcome for your case and situation. 

A skilled attorney will know the common causes of motorcycle accidents and may help to identify whether the automobile driver was at fault in your case. After reviewing the details of your case, an attorney will recommend the best course of action.